A hunting, fishing, and nature’s paradise!

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Practice Regulations

You must obtain the appropriate license or certificate for any hunting activity on the territory of Waban-Aki Outfitter prior to your arrival.

You must respect the hunting quotas.

You must pay Waban-Aki Outfitter’s right to hunt before practicing any activity of this kind on the territory.


Moose hunting

At the Waban-Aki outfitter, we have 8 exclusive moose hunting territories of over 10 square kilometers each, all equally good. Each group must consist of 2 to 4 hunters and the limit is 1 moose per group.

Bear hunting

Renowned for hunting bear both for the quantity and the quality of the game, the Waban-Aki outfitter offers this hunt in the American plan. This package includes fishing, transportation to the site, evisceration, preparation of the skin and that will be sent to the taxidermist.

In addition, a hunting dog is always available. With access to the territory of the Saint-Maurice Wildlife Sanctuary, more than 30 bear hunting sites are available. Elevated and ground elevators are installed and all are 20 meters or less from baiting areas. Experienced or beginners, hunters will be happy!

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Small prey hunting

Come hunt small preys at the outfitter in the daily hunting period or stay in one of our comfortable cottages.

Our really prey-y and fewly exploited terrioritory will be the joy of true amateurs as beginners. Come hunt while admiring our beautiful forest’s fauna and flora!

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